Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why use AiToolkit products

A: Our products use industry standard methods to make calculations to establish facts when reconstructing road traffic accidents and other incidents.  Our products allow different scenarios to be quickly validated and the calculations are immediately visible.  On line help is always available which explain both the scientific formulas in use and the methodology employed.

Q: How often is the software updated?

AiToolkit operates an ongoing policy of improvement and development. Evaluation products here are normally current but may not necessarily include any recent modifications and additions.  When purchased the user will be supplied with the latest version.  This can be via download from the site or by provision of CD/DVD media containing the installation software.

Updates are provided to the NHTSA vehicle crash test data used within the Damage software and this is updated normally on a quarterly basis via download from the site.

Q: What hardware and software requirements do your products require?

AiToolkit software is designed to offer the broadest appeal and have modest hardware requirements.  This allows the software to run on both the current Microsoft Windows® operating systems along with older systems and older computers. The essential requirements are

Pentium or equivalent processor
Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or better
Microsoft Windows® - 2000(SP4+) / Windows XP (SP2+) / Vista  / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64 bit) 
Microsoft or compatible mouse.
 Internet Explorer or other web Browser (allows connection to web site from within program)
Internet connection
Sound card
Printer - if hard copy results are required.

Q: Evaluation of AiToolkit products

Our products are provided as evaluation products.  The product you install for evaluation is fully functional for 21 days which allows a thorough evaluation and allows you to try out all functions included.  After the evaluation period has expired the products will cease to function.  If you wish to continue use of the items you are required to purchase the software.

Once purchased an unlock code is issued activating the software. This is required once only and updates do not require this registration. The unlock code is unique to the PC it is installed on.

Q: What technical support is provided?

Our products are thoroughly tested on all common installations and should function without incident.  They are designed as robust products and should function without issue.  If you have any problems regarding the installation and function of the products contact us.

Q: Do you provide training in the use of the products?

It is assumed that if you are evaluating or using our products you are suitably trained and experienced in the field of accident investigation and reconstruction.  

AiToolkit-Damage requires knowledge of measuring techniques and protocols.  The techniques are similar to other comparable programs with minor differences you should be aware of.  These differences are explained within the on line help files included with the program.

It is strongly advised that if you are unfamiliar with these methods you should consider undertaking training in the use of the product. This training can be provided - contact us for further information  

Q: I have a suggestion for something I would like included in the software.  Could this be added?
AiToolkit is receptive to all suggestions that could improve our products.  We operate a policy of continual development and will wherever possible include suggested improvements in future versions of our software.