AiToolkit - Damage

AiToolkit - Damage provides an affordable solution to calculating vehicle speed change ∆V (Delta V) from crush damage. 

This program uses the CRASH3 algorithm and uses a friendly familiar windows interface. Diagram representation of the damage profiles and vehicle orientation is provided allowing clear visualisation of the impact configuration.

AiToolkit - Damage uses the industry standard data entry methods and caters fully for damage centre offset and impact angles. Many lesser products use the simplified methods and do not take account of these factors which can have significant effects on the results calculated.

Calculations can be made to include two different vehicles or barrier type impacts. 

AiToolkit - Damage includes a user editable vehicle database allowing users to create and save their own vehicle classes.

AiToolkit - Damage includes a tool to calculate crush coefficient values (A & B) from barrier crash test data. This data can be instantly accessed from the built in database using NHTSA data.

Extensive visual help is provided to assist the user to model the impact orientation.

AiToolkit - Damage allows data entered for all collisions modelled to be saved for later use. Extensive hard copy printed output is provided for all collisions modelled.

Key Features

  • Uses industry standard measurement methods

  • Full calculation of offset and angled impacts to all vehicle sides

  • Extensive on line help

  • Extensive visual information showing the damage profiles and vehicle impact orientation.

  • Crush coefficient value calculator

  • Pre-defined standard vehicle classes (SAE 960897) and user defined vehicle library

  • Customizable vehicle database allowing user created vehicle classes

  • Comprehensive detailed printed output.

AiToolkit Damage features access to the NHTSA crash test database from within a fully searchable interface.  The interface allows hot linking to the coefficient calculator allowing calculation of individual stiffness coefficient values based on test data. 

Once calculated they can be used to produce user defined vehicle types using individual vehicle test data. There are in excess of 7800 tests and over 10,100 vehicles within the database. This data is updated on a regular basis. (Latest update - 11th January 2016)

Updated frontal A & B crush coefficients can be viewed within the following PDF in both imperial and SI formats. These values are published with SAE 2010-01-1581 (Click to view SAE crush coefficients.pdf)

Pricing - download price list (PDF)

Please note that knowledge of measurement protocols and the limitations of CRASH3 algorithms are essential prior to using this program.  Without this, your results may be misleading and will not be suitable for presentation. 

Knowledge of EDCRASH or similar packages is suitable providing you are aware of the simplified measuring system used by AiToolkit - Damage.

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Damage detail entry screen

wpe2F.gif (13134 bytes)
Vehicle orientation

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NHTSA search