AiToolkit - Calcs

AiToolkit - Calcs provides a comprehensive set of tools to allow calculation of the majority of common accident investigation calculations performed. These include calculations taught within UK Accident Investigation training centres along with many other commonly used formula.

AiToolkit - Calcs is provided with an easy to use Windows interface and has extensive fully detailed help available at all times including the relevant formulas used within the calculations.

AiToolkit - Calcs uses a MDI (Multiple Document Interface) interface allowing multiple calculations screens to be simultaneously viewed allowing easy follow on calculations.

Fully detailed hard copy printouts and copy to clipboard for all calculations are provided with the appropriate formulae. 

AiToolkit - Calcs includes a user customisable toolbar allowing users to swap instantly to their CAD and word processing packages. Also provided is a switchable button bar allowing instant access to the required calculations. 

Detailed on line help is provided for all calculations employed.

Calculations included

  • All calculations involving friction including speed from tyre marks, limited distance/visibility and overall stopping distances

  • Motion calculations (all calculations involving acceleration)

  • Time/Speed/Distance (all calculations involving constant/average speed)

  • Linear/angled momentum calculations

  • Critical speed/maximum speed for corners

  • µ calculations (from skid or drag tests)

  • µ adjustment where brake defect present or gradients are involved.

  • Projectiles (horizontal launch, optimum launch, known launch angle)

  • Pedestrian throw (Searle/Appel/Smith & Evans)

  • Pedestrian throw - revised Searle calculations

  • Pedestrian slide distance calculations (Hague)

  • Swerves/lane changes

  • Overturn velocity

  • Overtaking time/distance calculations

  • Centre of gravity (height & position) calculations

  • Gear ratio calculations

  • Motorcycle cornering calculations

  • Extensive vehicle specifications database included. (Canadian Vehicle Database)

  • Additional calculations for air drag and terminal velocity

  • Tools for calculating acceleration rates from road test data (Methods proposed by John Searle - I.T.A.I. Conference 1999)

  • Fully featured geometry calculator allowing calculation of triangle and circle dimensions

  • Large vehicle off tracking/cut-in calculations

  • Crush calculator allowing basic EBS (Equivalent Barrier Speed) calculations

  • Friction circle calculator

  • Force calculations including falling objects

  • Help file now extensively revised and improved.

  • Copy to clipboard functions now available allowing results to be pasted into other Windows applications.

  • Following distance calculator allowing calculation of whether impact occurs with known speed/acceleration rate/reaction time along with vehicle speeds/times and distances covered. 

Also included is a fully featured metric - imperial unit converter (conversions for velocity, mass, distance, volume, pressure, temperature, slopes/gradients, power and torque)

AiToolkit-Calcs provides the user with the choice of units employed.  These are metric (selectable between m/s & mph or m/s & km/h) and imperial (fps & mph). Other measurement units are displayed in either metric or imperial units according to the option selected.

Pricing - download price list (PDF)

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Stopping distance calculation

Brake defect calculation



Angled momentum calculations 



Height CoG calculator





Circle geometry calculations


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